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Dylan's Despair

Almost 21 years ago today, Dylan Klebold wrote of his feelings of abandonment over his best friend (not Eric Harris) getting a girlfriend and Dylan feeling that he'd been left behind. It should be noted that this was penned well before Harris and Klebold began making plans for their attack on Columbine.

July 23, 1997 entry from Dylan Klebold's journal


Vodka's Thoughts- The [Redacted] Situation 7-23-97 A changing time

It is not good for me right now (like it ever is)... but anyway... My best friend ever: the friend who shared, experimented, laughed, took chances with & appreciated me more than any friend ever did has been ordained... "passed on" my book. Ever since [redacted](who i wouldn't mind killing) has loved him.. thats the only place he has been: with her... If anyone had any idea how sad I am... I mean we were the TEAM. When him & I first were firends, well I finally found someone who was like me: who appreciated me & shared very common interests. Ever since 7th grade, ive felt lonely... when [redacted] came around, I finally felt happiness (sometimes)... we did cigars, drinking, sabotage to houses, EVERYTHING for the first time together & now that he's "moved on" i feel so lonely, w/o a friend. Oh well, maybe he'll come around ... I hope.

That's All {an arrow points to the words- for this topic}... maybe ill never see this again... { an arrow points to a

redacted word between 2 symbols}


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