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Wondering what Evidence Ignored- What You May Not Know About Columbine is about?

Chapter 1- The Trenchcoat Mafia

Details all available information and witness testimony regarding the TCM as well as discusses whether Eric and Dylan were truly members of the group.

Chapter 2- Bullying of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Evaluates all incidents of bullying against Eric and Dylan, garnered from statements from friends, family, and the killers themselves. Also discusses the culture of bullying at Columbine.

Chapter 3- Harris and Klebold as Bullies Evidence of Eric and Dylan bullying other students. Extensively details contacts the Brown family had with police regarding Eric Harris.

Chapter 4- The Arrest and Diversion Program Outlines Eric's and Dylan's arrests for breaking into a van, including their written police statements and comparative analysis of their time in the Juvenile Diversion Program.

Chapter 5- Luvox Discusses Eric Harris' use of the anti-depressants Zoloft and Luvox, Mark Taylor's lawsuit against Solvay Pharmaceuticals, and what effect, if any, the medication may have played in the attack on Columbine.

Chapter 6- Girlfriends Presents evidence of what relationships Eric and Dylan had (both real and imagined) with members of the opposite sex. Also goes in depth in discussion of a woman who falsely claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Eric; her lies were featured prominently in a previous book on the massacre and later redacted by the author.

Chapter 7- Dylan- The Follower? Presents evidence that strongly refutes widely accepted claims that Dylan Klebold participated in the attack on Columbine mainly due to manipulation by Eric Harris.

Chapter 8- Foreshadowing Details the body of statements and writings by both Eric and Dylan that hinted at what they were planning; all of which were missed or disregarded by the majority of those around them.

Chapter 9- Rumors Addresses many of the rumors that still persist about Columbine including false claims of involvement by people like Joe Stair or Robert Perry, the idea that Eric killed Dylan, and more.

Chapter 10- Were They Mentally Ill? Discusses the classification of Eric as a psychopath and Dylan as his depressive follower and presents evidence to help the reader decide whether this is the most accurate characterization of their personalities.

The book is heavily referenced to enable the reader to easily fact check statements or delve deeper into particular areas of interest.

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