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Keyword Searchable 11k+ PDFs


 UNDER CONSTRUCTION- Check back frequently!

Listed are all publically available PDFs of the 11k which encompass the Columbine Report and the Columbine Documents. This includes pg. 12976- 15627 which are found on disks that were available for purchase through Jeffco.

Pages 1- 4000 have been completely converted with all names properly spelled. If witnesses were identified with only a first or last name in a statement, an editor's note was added with the full name where possible. 

For now, the remainder of the pages have been run, as is, through Adobe's word recognition software. While they are searchable, they retain mistakes from the original documents and words within handwritten statements are not always recognized. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't track down some pages. These include pages that are supposedly duplicates of other pages found within the Report (10938- 11138, 15630- 15872, 15873- 15904, 15905- 15909, and 15910- 15911).

Other pages I was unable to locate include: 11252- 11263, 15628, 16697- 17106, 21300- 21422, 25648- 25655, and 25656- 25657.

If you know where these pages can be found, please pass it along and I'll get them posted here. 

Alphabetical Index of the Columbine Report through pg. 4000

Chronological Index of the Columbine Report through pg. 4000

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