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Reports of the Relationship of Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold with the students at Columbine High School

As I go through the police statements, I will try to find comments made regarding how Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were perceived or treated by students at Columbine

pg. 556 said he used to see Dylan Klebold get teased for the way he dressed.

pg. 736 said everybody made fun of Dylan in gym class. They even called him “Stretch” because he was so tall. Stated Dylan was uncoordinated and wasn’t very good at sports.

pg. 770 knew that the jocks had been giving Dylan Klebold trouble.

pg. 785 said Klebold and Harris were teased because they wore black trench coats, but that the teasing was very minor. She claimed that before they began wearing the coats, they were not teased at all and that Eric was looked up to the previous year because he was smart. Harris and Klebold were teased in the bowling class because they bowled “weird”.

pg. 904 his friend snarled a remark about Rammstein under his breath as they passed Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Harris confronted the friend and said, “Every day you pass me and make fun of me saying Rammstein sucks. Why do you do this crap asshole? What did I do to you?” The friend replied “Oh man you’re so cool, you’re my idol!” Klebold approached to back up Harris but the bell rang and they left for class. Described Harris as a short, clean cut kid and Klebold as a very tall skinny guy with messed up hair.

pg. 957 stated that Dylan and Eric usually sit alone in the cafeteria.

pg. 1102 had seen jocks pick on Harris and Klebold before, in the school halls.


pg. 1214- 1215 Eric Harris had been given the nickname “Du Hast” which he said is German for “you hate” by students who knew Harris liked Rammstein.

pg. 1246 Eric Harris and the student mentioned on pg. 904 (above) had an ongoing conflict and would occasionally exchange fighting words as they crossed in the hallways.

pg. 1353 said didn’t know Eric or Dylan because she “stayed away from people like them”

pg. 1663 said Harris stayed to himself and did not appear to have any friends. She did not see anyone harass or pick on him.

pg. 1865 had gym class with Klebold and reported some students did make fun of him because he wore a trench coat all the time, but that no one really gave him any problems and he didn’t cause any problems in class.

pg. 1905 viewed Harris and Klebold as outcasts.

pg 2813 said she never saw Harris or Klebold get teased. She told police that people stayed away from them because they were different.

pg. 2961 she was considered popular in the school and she said that she did know both Eric and Dylan were made fun of because they wore their black trench coats even on hot days.

pg. 2993 said the jocks picked on everyone, even him and he was a jock, too.

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