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Gunmen People Saw

There were hundreds of eyewitnesses on April 20, 1999 and sorting through all of those witness statements can be dizzying. Many people saw and immediately identified Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as the assailants that day. Many others recognized them as Columbine students but didn't know their names until seeing their pictures on the news. Still others thought that the gunmen they saw were other people entirely, or believed that more than two shooters were involved. 

On this page, we'll focus on the impressions of all witnesses who SAW assailants: including those who could not identify the gunman, those who identified Harris and/or Klebold, as well as those who believed they saw gunmen other than the aforementioned. It also includes witnesses who SAW Harris and/or Klebold the morning of April 20, shortly before the attack. 

All statements will be cross referenced, where possible, with others that were either with the particular witness listed or in their immediate vicinity in order to determine if those observations can be confirmed or refuted.

THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION- there is a lot more of the 11k+ to get through!

Gunmen people saw 

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