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Searchable Columbine- Associated Reports 

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The Culture of Columbine- Regina Huerter Governor's Commission Interviews

While mentioned extensively, Huerter's report has never been officially released to the public. As such, I cannot unequivocally verify the authenticity of this report. However, several of the stories outlined can be verified through multiple sources and an individual very close to the situation at Columbine has made statements online supporting its legitimacy.

Investigation into the 1997 Directed Report

Police were informed in August of 1997 that Eric Harris was writing about building pipe bombs and threatening Brooks Brown on his website. A directed report was made and given to a Jeffco investigator, who promptly put it in a binder and did nothing with it. This report details the Brown's repeated contacts with police regarding Harris as well as what happened to the report. 

Investigator Mike Guerra's Request for a Search Warrant on the home of Eric Harris in 1998

Guerra received information that Harris had been constructing pipe bombs and bombs described on Harris' website were similar to one found in a field. He drafted this request for a warrant to look into Harris' activity. Guerra's supervisor, Lt. Kiekbusch, said the affidavit lacked enough evidence to tie Harris to the pipe bomb found and the case languished. 

Grand Jury Report- Investigation into Missing Guerra Files

Following the shooting, Guerra's original file and investigative notes on Eric Harris disappeared. While the majority of the information was reconstructed, the originals were never found. The Grand Jury also discussed the decision, after Columbine, by high ranking Jeffco officials to withhold information about the Guerra search warrant affidavit due to potential liability. 

Summary of El Paso Report- Reinvestigation into the Death of Daniel Rohrbough at Columbine High School

When concerns arose about the potential of "friendly fire" being responsible for the death of Rohrbough, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office was asked to conduct an independent investigation into the matter. It was determined that Eric Harris murdered Daniel Rohrbough. 

Wanton Violence at Columbine High School

A Homeland Security U.S. Fire Administration/ Technical Report Series

The U.S. Fire Administration's post-incident analysis of the Columbine High School shooting, emergency response, and lessons learned

Jefferson County Sheriff's Department Investigation Summary Letter to the Denver Community

In May of 2000, Jeffco sent a letter to the community which summarizes the findings of the investigation into the Columbine High School shooting and dispelled some community rumors. 

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