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Evidence Ignored

Eric Harris was a psycopathic narcissist and Dylan Klebold his depressed and suicidal follower, manipulated into participating in a full scale assault on Columbine High School. For years this has been the universally accepted narrative of the Columbine tragedy. It makes it easier to deal with, doesn’t it? When you can’t understand something, when it frightens you and you want to distance yourself from it just put a label on it, wrap it in a nice neat box and convince yourself that sometimes evil is just evil. After all, you can’t fix a psychopath, right? What happened, though tragic, was pretty inevitable. Harris was going to kill no matter what, no need for any of us to share in any blame for what happened. 
The problem with this version of events is that it doesn’t take into consideration the totality of available evidence in this case. Despite the mountain of police reports, journal writings, video and audio transcripts that have been released, the general public knows only what has been presented to them; information distilled by a variety of law enforcement officials and journalists. Unfortunately, a great deal of material of importance has been omitted from this narrative, allowing certain conclusions to be drawn when ample evidence to the contrary exists. No understanding of these senseless events can be gained if we ignore vital pieces of information. Analyzing only half of what is known because the other half doesn’t fit the picture that helps us convince ourselves that those boys were monsters and nothing like this could happen in our schools, in our communities is the reason why it does keep happening... over and over. 
Evidence Ignored is a book that will present an unfiltered account of the events that led to the tragedy at Columbine High School. This work addresses and refutes claims that Harris and Klebold did not suffer significant bullying, that they had a large circle of friends, that Harris had no problem getting dates, and that Klebold was manipulated by Harris into taking part in the attack. The book also discusses prior criminal acts committed by the two boys, warning signs of what was to come, Eric Harris’ use of anti-depressant medications, as well as unfounded rumors that continue to circulate around this unimaginable crime. Evidence Ignored seeks to set the record straight, to open up a dialogue of how we, as a society, can better recognize at-risk kids and step in before we face yet another Columbine.

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