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Fun Facts About the Author

Obviously, as a veterinarian, one of my greatest loves is animals. Like most vets, I knew early on that this is what I wanted to do "when I grew up."

I am equal parts dog and cat lover but I do have a favorite breed of dog- the Chihuahua! They get a bad rap for their sometimes feisty attitudes but remember that they are little and have to stick up for themselves! My husband and I got our first Chihuahua in 1992 and we have been hooked ever since. Pictured with me is Ruthie, she was our third; a rescue that had a myriad of health problems during the time that she graced our lives. We lost her suddenly in November 2018 to a cancer seen far more commonly in large and giant breed dogs. If you can have a dog soulmate, Ruthie was mine.

I'm a big baseball fan and one of my bucket list items is to visit every major league ballpark. I've done 11 so far, although I'll have to go back down to Atlanta since they replaced Turner Field with SunTrust Park. I grew up in NY so after a brief stint as a Mets fan as a kid, I've been a diehard Yankee fan for many years. 

I'm also a Harry Potter nerd and Universal Orlando's The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one of my favorite places in the world. If you didn't read the first word of the first paragraph in Professor Snape's voice, I'm not sure we can be friends! I've met some great people through my love of Universal; they embrace my quirks and goofiness and have been really supportive of this whole book endeavor. I'm appreciative of them all. I'm a proud Ravenclaw with a Platform 9 and 3/4 purse, Harry Potter Hogwarts letter wallet, and Deathly Hallows keychain. And, don't forget, my Weasley sweater with the big letter, R, for Rita, of course! ;)

Personality-wise, I'm the classic introvert (can you feel my insides cringing as I share personal details on the internet?!?!) I've got a magnet that says, "Introverts Unite- separately, in your own houses" which I think sums things up pretty well! 

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